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Announcing our | GIFT PARCELS

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

No matter the occasion or reason, receiving a gift from a special someone always fills their heart. No matter how big or how small the thought truly counts. When we think of gifts we think of sugar delights, gourmet mixes and cozy feels. Over the years we've been collected an assortment of finds, making relationships and dreaming of what it would be like to have all of those items in one box. We are a big advocate of shopping small and supporting local and hidden gems we've found along the way tucked away in our favorite southern cities. So as we finalize our menu for the public, we just wanted to let you know that our gifts services are coming really soon.

We've been experimenting for the passed couple years, working with several clients and finding the focus of our southern comfort inspired parcels with the occasional Caribbean feels for summer time. These gift parcels are for birthdays, anniversaries, baby arrivals, engagements, sympathy and of course all the holidays.

We cant wait to share with you wants in store... stay tuned friends.

Oh, and Happy Almost Fall (lol I mean fall starts next month, scroll to the bottom to see a sneak of our holiday parcels).

All our love,

"...something wicked this way comes.."

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